The New Way to Sell Old iPhones, MacBooks & More

Whistle is a San Francisco-based startup making it easier and safer for people to sell their used devices.

People accumulate phones, laptops, tablets, and more.

Whistle is the only way to sell them that maximizes safety, time, and money.

Stay Safe
Save Time
Make More
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Whistle is safer because you transact with a background-checked, screened professional at the location of your choice. Online marketplaces connect you with strangers.

Whistle saves you time by picking up your device whenever, wherever you want. Online marketplaces take time to manage. Buyback programs require shipping and visiting stores.

Whistle makes you more money by using live algorithms that set prices 25% higher than the competition, on average. No one else offers consistently high prices for used electronics.

Devices Sold
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224 lbs.

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Head of Operations


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